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Teach Students How to Write… and Love it

– Jennifer Harp
9th & 10th Grade English / Pre-AP English Teacher
Farmington High School
Farmington, AR


Get true professional development and empowerment, not another system to implement.  They don’t have to be bored.  Get their attention and never lose it.  Discover the fundamental cornerstones of powerful writing.  Add simple exercises to your toolkit that work every day, and never get old.  Peter Nevland takes teachers into his private vault so that they can learn and experience the techniques he uses to make children all over the world fall in love with writing.  Each teacher will walk away with powerful writing they’ve created and an armful of exercises to put to use immediately.


You’ll Leave Having Practiced:

  • The parts of speech and 1 fundamental principle that most impact writing quality
  • Keeping students engaged without sapping your energy
  • Giving specific, positive feedback that builds confidence and inspires better writing
  • Implementing clear assessment criteria
  • Using the principles you learn to create and implement your own exercises and assignments
  • 5 Editing Steps that always improve writing
  • Tips that help your students master state assessment tests and fulfill Common Core Standards
  • Fun – rediscover the wonder and discovery in your writing and teaching!

Audience: Teachers
Price: $150/person/day (minimum $1500 + travel expenses)
Length of Workshop(s): 1 or 2 days (2 days includes curriculum creation, presentation & feedback)


Book Teach Students How to Write… and Love it in the USA
Book Teach Students How to Write… and Love it in the UK


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Writing Workshop Testimonials

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“All of the teachers had very positive comments about the phenomenal job you did.  Thank you for your work, especially since you did not feel at your best health-wise.  It was top notch!”

Missy Mayfield
Education Specialist, Gifted/Talented Education
Region 9 Education Service Center
Wichita Falls, TX



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