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How to Write Stories that
Make People Buy What You Sell


Audience: Small Business Owners, Radio Reps, Copywriters

Length of Workshop(s): 2 hours
Make your ads work.  Quit wasting your ad budget.  Say the stuff that makes people give you their money again and again.  Find the offer in your business that customers actually care about.  Know when an ad will soar and when it’s flushing cash down the toilet.  Peter Nevland’s business writing workshop teaches you the secrets he uses to turn advertising campaigns into local business success stories.


Discover and Master:Peter Nevland teaches his business writing workshop, How to Write Stories that Make People Buy What You Sell, in Virginia Beach

  • The power of verbs
  • Secret nouns that spring imagination to life
  • Your customers’ hidden desires
  • Introductions that Pop
  • Calls to action that work
  • Never boring rhyme,
  • Irresistible rhythm
  • What makes characters richer, scarier, more heroic and unforgettable

Workshop Price: $150/person/day (minimum: $1500 + travel expenses. For 20 people or more, travel expenses included.)


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Book How to Write Stories that Make People Buy What You Sell in the USA
Book How to Write Stories that Make People Buy What You Sell in the UK



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“I like his energy and his confidence… and he instills that confidence in you even if you don’t have it.  He… it makes you think out of the box.”

– Nikki Diebolt
Abtron Automation
Stratford, ON, Canada




“The seminar was amazing.  Peter does a great job of teaching you to use words that tug at the heartstrings of people so that what they’re not really hearing is words.  They’re hearing a vision, I guess you could say.  It’s almost like he creates a memory with the words and puts you right into the ad and teaches you to connect with the customer in a way that I don’t think they can control unless you turn off the volume on the radio.  So I would recommend this to anybody.”

– Tim Birkholz
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Virginia Beach, VA



“The presentation from Peter was absolutely the best booking that we have had in years for our annual event.  Specifically, the ability to take away one or two key concepts that will translate into positive action is invaluable!”

Michael Anderson
Mackenzie Labs
Glendora, CA



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