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Kid Power How to Write Fun Lab

Peter teaches a writing workshop with young children at Green Learning Academy in Calgary, Canada


Young students start listening the moment Peter unleashes his energy and innocent humor.  When he does his Shaggy and Scooby Doo impersonations, they fall in love.  No behavior problems.  No profanity.  Peter starts with a short performance to get them excited.  Then he teaches the basics of powerful writing.  At the end he creates a group piece in front of the class.  It’s as much fun as you can squeeze into a writing workshop.


They’ll discover:

  • The magic of verbs
  • Secret nouns that make writing spring to life
  • The joy of creative writing
  • The power of combining the familiar with the unexpected

Audience: Kindergarten – 4th grade (Ages 5-9)
Price: $700/day ( + travel expenses)
Length of Workshop(s): 55 minutes
Max Class Size: 25


Writing Workshop Testimonials

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“…You totally had them eating out of your hand during your performances, and elicited a quality of writing from them that was exceptional.  Your tips and tools on writing gave them tangible ways to improve.”

Missy Mayfield
Education Specialist, Gifted/Talented Education
Region 9 Education Service Center
Wichita Falls, TX


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