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How to Write Awesomeness and Get Away With It

– Rebecca Green
7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
The Owl Creek School
Fayetteville, AR


Peter Nevland writing workshops grab even the most difficult students’ attention and equip them with simple, powerful tools that make their writing spring to life.  Students go from hating writing to loving it.  Those who love writing do it better.  Teachers get exercises to use in their classes once Peter’s gone.  No behavior problems.  No profanity.  Everyone produces at least one new piece… in 55 minutes.


They’ll discover:

  • How powerful writing starts with interesting verbs
  • The way nouns create instant imagery
  • When and when not to use adjectives
  • An easy exercise that always overcomes writer’s block
  • The responsibility that comes with powerful writing
  • The magic of the unexpected

Audience: 5th – 12th Grade
Price: $700/day US or £400/day UK (+ travel expenses)
Length of Workshop(s): 55 minutes, throughout day
Max Class Size: 50


Book Peter for 2 days, and your students also open the door to:

  • Crafting Bold Introductions
  • Creating Satisfying Conclusions
  • Using Facts Without Putting People to Sleep
  • Editing, a Writer’s Greatest Tool
  • Having the Courage to Say Something important


Each student and teacher walk away with powerful writing they’ve created, the understanding of what makes it good and how to make it better.

Book How to Write Awesomeness in the USA
Book How to Write Awesomeness in the UK




Writing Workshop Testimonials

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– Tasha Huffman
Senior (student)
Fairfield Christian Academy
Lancaster, OH


“hi peter! my name is addie and i want \ed to let you know that when you came to my school in portland me and my friends had an amzing time! i love what you do for kids! thank you so much!

Addie J
Astor School
Portland, OR



“Thank you for the invoice and for your excellent workshop. Teachers, parents and students have all been commenting on it. Everyone loved it and the teachers were all impressed with how you were able to engage the kids (even the older ones).


I’ll work on my “official” comments and send it to you. I want it to be well written with interesting verbs! :)”

Ana Tomblin
Astor School K-8 Media Specialist
Portland, Oregon




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