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Website Copy People Want to Read

Animals don't love stories, but humans do


In five seconds name the last website you loved reading.  Can you think of one?  If you did, I bet it was a blog, news site or some other web address containing a story.  I’m pretty certain you didn’t think of an online store or the website of a small, local business.


Why is that?  Think about it.  We remember reading stories we love more than any other kind of writing.  Sounds important.


Now think about the last time you shopped on Amazon, Zappos or Best Buy.  The titles and item pictures made you click to investigate a product further.  Then what did you spend the most time reading?  It wasn’t product descriptions.


Unsolicited reviews push you to buy or deny.  The misspellings and bad grammar convince you they’re authentic.  The simpler they are, the more you hear a real person telling their story.  If you’re like me you spend a little too much time reading them.  Some of them make me angry.  Some I discredit.  Others I buy hook line and sinker.


Real Stories by Real People – Fascinating

Stories written by real people are always fascinating to humans.  I’m not going to explain why humans love stories, because that would take too long and not help you as much.  And I can’t speak for raccoons, birds, crocodiles or squirrels.  They care more about eating, pooping and mating.  All I know is that people enjoy websites more and can be convinced to give you money if you write stories that sound like they come from a real person.


do you have one piece of basic, website 101 advice and one link to a resource I could share…?” my good friend and fellow Wizard of Ads partner, Tim Miles, asked.


Write like you talk,” I told him.


Check out my logic…

  1. We remember reading stories more than any other kind of writing
  2. People can convinced to give you money if you write stories that sound like they come from a real person


Seems hard to deny when you look at it that way.  Consider a couple other examples:  A commercial that dared to say all the things that no proper lady should say about poop has twenty-four million views and counting and is selling boatloads of Poopourri.  A terribly ugly, outdated website has over 40,000 loyal followers eagerly awaiting an email from Roy H. Williams, produced millions of dollars in business growth for them and him and built a magical business school campus with no debt, all from donations.  If people respond to their authentic, real voices, they’ll respond to you.


Writing the Right Stories

So how do you know which stories will make people choose you?


Ask yourself the most common questions you get asked by your customers.  The whole purpose of your website is to provide people the services they’re looking for.  The best way you can do that is by answering their questions.  Do that before they ask you, and you’ll convince them that you’re the expert.  They’ll think you know what they’re looking for.  If you’re a business owner, and you don’t deal directly with your customers, ask your employees.  Make a list of the top ten questions.  Then answer them the way you would talk.


Put them where everyone can find them easily.  Don’t stick ’em in an FAQ section.  Pretend that you care about your customers’ questions more than what you want to say.  Put their questions first.  On the home page.  In the pages they view most.  I hear that’s generally good for business and for life.  You’ll be amazed at how much people begin to like you and your company when you simply answer your customers questions without boasting about yourself.  You’ll make more money, too.


If it’s hard for you to write like you talk, answer your most common questions out loud with someone recording you. Then transcribe the answers exactly as you said them.  The whole goal is for them to forget that they’re reading and feel like they’re listening to you in their imagination.   Or as Chris Maddock, another Wizard of Ads Partner friend and genius writer, says, “Make the words disappear so that they only see the story.”


A Couple Real Writing Resources…

Need to see what that looks like?  Go to Pass One Hour’s website.  Tim Miles helped them write that.  And they’ve seen double digit growth year after year since he started working with him.  “The reason Pass only grew 18% this year is that he’s almost reached the market potential in his little town,” Tim told me sheepishly.  Tough problem to have.


If you still don’t think you can write like you talk, check out ShortcutBlogging.com.  You can pay them money to record your voice and generate lots of blog posts and webcopy that will make your website visitors happy.


I’m pretty sure you’ll spend a good time reading what both those websites wrote.  Hopefully, they’ll inspire you.  Even better, I hope your website becomes the next one that someone loves reading.


PS:  Your employees could learn these techniques and practice doing them in one day in my How to Write Stories That Make People Buy What You Sell workshop.



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