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– Jan Snyder-Hess
Chairman of the English Department
Linden Hall
Lititz, PA


– Darla Biddy
W.F. George Middle School
Iowa Park, TX


– Christy Baker
9th/10th Grade English II Teacher
Bowie High School
Bowie, TX


– “Unprompted” Region 9 Student Testimonial
9th Graders from area surrounding Wichita Falls, TX
Region 9 Education Service Center
Wichita Falls, TX


– Rebecca Green
7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
The Owl Creek School
Fayetteville, AR


– Michelle Jones
Blog Writer
The Full-Plate Diet
Ardmore, OK


– Terry Patton
Dean of Students
Dillard College of Business Administration
Midwestern State University
Wichita Falls, TX


– Shannon Johnston
9th and 11th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
Burkburnett High School
Burkburnett, TX


– Brad Avens
pre-Ap English Language Arts Teacher
Burkburnett High School
Burkburnett, TX


– Marla Malone
Director of Administration and Development
The Nonprofit Center of Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls, TX


– Kim Tomlinson
Executive Director
The Rathgeber Hospitality House/a>
Wichita Falls, TX


– Kim Arnold
Academic Facilitator
Oakdale Middle School
Rogers, AR


– Afton Cox
English Teacher
Southwest Junior High
Springdale, AR


– Aaron Nugent
Pre-service Teacher (Master’s in Academic Teaching student at the University of Arkansas)
J.O. Kelly Middle School
Springdale, AR


– Kim Blackston
English Language Arts Teacher
J.O. Kelly Middle School
Springdale, AR


– Josh Jenkins
Science Teacher
J.O. Kelly Middle School
Springdale, AR


– Tasha Huffman
Senior (student)
Fairfield Christian Academy
Lancaster, OH


– Melissa Albert
5th Grade Teacher
Fairfield Christian Academy
Lancaster, OH


– Stacie Visolich
High School English Teacher
Beaver County Christian School
Beaver Falls, PA


– Tim Birkholz
Sales Manager
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Virginia Beach, VA


– Chris Hodges, Sr.
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Midlothian, VA


“The presentation from Peter was absolutely the best booking that we have had in years for our annual event.  Specifically, the ability to take away one or two key concepts that will translate into positive action is invaluable!”

– Michael Anderson
Mackenzie Labs
Glendora, CA


“Peter learned me how two right real good.  Just kidding:


Peter’s joyful energy fueled the workshop. He created a safe environment for discussion and encouraged participants to pursue their literary aspirations. I appreciated his ability to successfully balance general instruction with one-on-one assistance. I have a long list of friends I would like to send through this program.”

– Kyle Young
Project Manager, Full Plate Diet
Ardmore, OK


I have attached the “hurricane” story.  I am working on another one to submit, but had clients this afternoon that took the whole day so I am asking for an indulgence to tomorrow morning??
I loved the class and you have no idea what it has meant for me.  Thank you and Vickie for the idea that lead to the fabulous shared meal on Wednesday, I have talked about it to everyone!”

– Teri Shapiro
Austin, TX


“After experiencing your talk (and then some) about how to improve our  writing skills, I almost wished that the conference could end right there so that I might return to work and begin experimenting with and applying, your ideas to my writing.  While the climate in Phoenix tended toward arid, your session that morning certainly was not.  I look forward to producing much better work for having met you.  Best wishes to you and thanks for the inspiration.”

– Pablo Ortiz
Message On Hold by ESP
Tampa, FL


“Peter’s session inspired me by tapping into my emotions as well as my intellect…  I learned without having to work at it!”

– Jimmy Harris
Harris Communications, Inc.
Toccoa, GA


“Peter – It was great to have you at OHMA.  Love your energy and insight.”

– Michael Newman
Thanks For Holding

Eugene, OR


“I just wanted to follow up and say how much I enjoyed your presentation!  Thanks for thought-provoking and stimulating ideas.”

– Bob Bosche
Hold the Phone
Colorado Springs, CO


“hi peter! my name is addie and i want \ed to let you know that when you came to my school in portland me and my friends had an amzing time! i love what you do for kids! thank you so much!

– Addie J
Astor School
Portland, OR



You were so great for us & them!  Thanks a million!”

– Emily Ferguson
7th & 8th grade English
Winterhaven School
Portland, OR


“Never have I seen an audience laugh and cry at the same library event. The thrilling roller coaster of Peter and Victoria’s performance will not soon be forgotten. Peter’s roof-splitting energy and deep diving words touched the hardest of hearts. Victoria gave a message of grace and pure joy, all with her body’s dexterous movement. Who knew patrons of all ages could have so much fun in a library?”

– Ryan Barnette
Associate / Assistant Programmer
Kenton County Public Library
Erlanger, KY


“Anyone can edit… but only a few can tell a story.
Your workshop helps people tell stories… stories that will take readers on rides, make people cry, laugh, feel different or make readers buy things.” 

– Craig Arthur
Wizard of Ads Australia


Thank you for the excellent job you did with our GT students last week.  You totally had them eating out of your hand during your performances, and elicited a quality of writing from them that was exceptional.  Your tips and tools on writing gave them tangible ways to improve.  All of the teachers had very positive comments about the phenomenal job you did.  Thank you for your work, especially since you did not feel at your best health-wise.  It was top notch!”

 – Missy Mayfield
Education Specialist, Gifted/Talented Education
Region 9 Education Service Center
Wichita Falls, TX


The following concerns a “problem child” who came to one of my workshops


“information on Wyatt
He can’t focus for very long and does not feel school is worthy of his time, but his grades are always good. Teachers were desperate to find something to challenge him and he kept disrupting class with jokes and “snorts”. He does not do well with large groups. He can’t focus on that many people/tasks at one time. His home life stinks. Step brothers and sisters pick on him and call him weird. He fights with them constantly. At school, he strikes back at anyone that makes comments about his behavior. His father has custody and all he wants is to go live with his mother to get away from things here. Things would probably be the same there.


Last year someone nominated him for the gifted program. While testing with a group of 8, I found he could do more accurate work alone, so the testing was completed one-on-one.  His school ability test score was 160, my test does not score any higher! My gifted program state that if a student has been in ISS or AEP, they are not allowed to go on trips with the G/T group. He has been there 15 days so far this year for striking back at students or disrespecting teachers with comments that were inappropriate. Since he had never been on a trip with me,  I made the decision to take him to the Peter Nevland Writer’s Workshop.


Best decision ever made. He was focused, loved the day, made comments at lunch and on the way home. Told his teachers what he learned. SMILED!  His writings from the workshop showed glimmers of greatness, but the anger and frustration showed through too. He told me he was going to edit them with the skills he learned and let me see them after that. I hope he does. Peter seemed to have made an impact that hopefully will continue.”

– Janet Goodwin
TAKS and Special Program Coordinator
Electra ISD


“Peter and Paul spent the first 20 minutes using word and rhythm to captivate their audience. Peter then recited some of his poetry and opened up a discussion on the descriptive words and imagery used within them. The initial response from the group was hesitant, but soon the group began to interact. Peter and Paul then performed one of their most popular songs called, ‘George’. I have never seen 50 teenagers that quiet, not through disinterest, they were actually moved by the words. By the end of the song you are in a prayerful state, whether you intend to be or not.

Peter then gave them a collection of words….’eyes’, ‘platypus, ‘peach’ and ‘scribble’. Everyone was asked to write half a page in which they used these four words. I was amazed by the response. He selected three of the students plus their teacher to stand at the front and read out their prose. The diversity, emotion and detail produced proved just how deeply Peter had touched their hearts.”

– Lesley Hewish
Katherine Lady Berkeley School
Wotton Under Edge, England


“Spoken Groove has come to Leander Middle School for the last three years. They have done a fantastic job engaging our  students. Both Peter Nevland and Paul Finley have a natural ability to reach kids and relate to them.


Every year the band performed a concert for the entire school. This year, they also came during the school day and taught classes to our students. They both did a phenomenal job. Peter focused on creative writing techniques by sharing the strategies he uses to write his songs. His songs are true works of art that are filled with colorful vocabulary, unique rhymes and interesting figurative language. Many of his strategies helped teach some of our students that are usually uninterested in school. These students really connected with him and his ideas. His strategies helped our students gain useful techniques for the writing TAKS test and also showed them a practical use for creative writing skills in the real world. Peter earns a living as a creative writer and his work shows them that they can use their creative writing talents in a career as well.


Paul Finley offered guitar lessons and really captured the interest of our male population. All of his sessions were packed with young men gobbling up his every word. This was truly fun to watch since we do have a hard time capturing our young men’s interest. His class would be a great extension for band students and it definitely sparked the interest of some of our students who struggle academically.


Both Peter and Paul show such passion for their career and talents that they are great models for kids to see. I would love to see them involved in our district on a grander scale in the future. They are very professional and easy to work with. They always put on an excellent show for our students and inspire a lot of enthusiasm in our student body. We have been honored to work with them throughout the years.”

Lauren Kelly
Leander Middle School
Leander, TX


Personal Stories


“Good Morning, Peter!

Just so you know, I’ve been listening to your CD. The story of your grandmother was beautiful. I loved it. My eyes welled with tears – enough to add grass to the Sahara!


There’s a big construction project in front of our gym Concrete trucks and the BIG crane were already working when I left this morning. Half way home, I heard the trucks, and I glanced around nervously – wondering where could those trucks be? It turns out it was YOU! Gotta love “Size is Everything.”


Thanks again for all that you did. David and I came home different people. He’s inspired. I’m rejuvenated. Life is good. You’re the best!


Take Care,”

– Sarah
Jeanette Hayes Elementary
Katy, Texas.


“So I came to watch you… on the recommendation of a 10 year old…I totally expected…. pop…manufactured disco….it didnt take long to make me SLACKJAWED!!!
I love what you do….it has opened up a genre I didn’t even know existed!!! (So much for me knowing music!). You guys tell the Word in a way that people of my age (32… just…) need to hear. No. 27…Wow even my 6 year old loves it… followed by breakaway… ok that’s prob just for us guitar folk…what a feeling …I write, I play.. you guys have inspired me…. the poetry I’ve written…the songs, the melodies…maybe…just maybe….
The point in this email being… I love what you do and what you are saying. I hope to learn to reach people in the way you guys did, the way you reached me.”

– Lynette Prince
Cambridge, England


…You’ve made me fall in love with spoken word. I write poetry, but I’ve never thought about going into your style until now.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and for the incredible “funky white boy dancing”.

God bless,”

– Tommy Tompkins
Wilmore, Kentucky


“Our two children, Naomi and Louise, love listening to The Flobgob is this good news, I’m not sure yet!”

– Paul Worth
Northampton, England


“I love it! Pure genuis.” …(We’re working on a spelling workshop next!)

– Amber Baker
Colorado State University


“Hey Peter thanks for sharing some of your life with us. Your struggles, your feelings, and trying to do the right thing in a world of gray. It lets us know we are not the only ones who can barely see the next step in front of us.”

– Mark
(from the email list)


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