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Peter's a writing teacher who can balance on a stool with his arms spread widePeter’s Story

I never planned to be a writing teacher.  Shoot, I never planned to be considered a writer, performer or marketing consultant either.  Some words popped into my head freshman year at the University of Texas.  I made the wonderful mistake of writing them down.  Eight years and a couple hundred “writings” later I left my engineering salary at Motorola to become a full-time writer and performer.


Not long before I left Motorola, I met Roy Williams, marketing genius, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Wizard Academy.  He started bringing me to perform for his marketing seminars, and encouraging me in my writing and “Spoken Groove” performing.  It’s largely due to his generosity that I’ve been able to tour across 5 continents, producing 7 CDs, 2 DVDs, 2 books, over 800 poems and countless smiles.   Even better, the more I devoured Roy’s explanations about the art of persuasion, the more I understood what I had previously done instinctively.  Writing became simpler.


Peter Nevland ninja kicks other boring writing teachers into fun!Becoming a writing teacher

When schools began asking me to teach writing workshops for their students, I realized how complicated writing seemed for most people.  At best, western education teaches the rules of grammar and provides exposure to great literature, leaving us to pick up what good writers do by intuition.  Very few people can actually say what makes writing good and how to immediately improve one’s writing.  Teaching several workshops had taught me what kids needed to make writing fun, simple and magical.  So I formulated a curriculum outline, securing me an invitation to teach the first Young Writer’s workshop at Wizard Academy.  On the night before that workshop began , the How to Write curriculum was born.  I became a writing teacher


Kids fell in love with writing at that workshop.  One boy, who’d been a remedial student up to that point, made all A’s the next semester, due to his experience.  As I continued teaching workshops around the world, the response stayed consistent everywhere I went.  Inner city kids, young kids, older kids, high achievers, low achievers, boys and girls all produced incredible writing after one workshop that lasted less than an hour.


A writing teacher for adults too…

I also noticed that parents and teachers were enjoying themselves and improving their writing as well.  At a First Friday (a free, Friday afternoon seminar at Wizard Academy) where I was the guest speaker, I decided to unleash my workshop for kids on a group of unsuspecting adults.  The quality and enthusiasm of their written work beat my highest hopes…


Peter Nevland does many funny things when he teaches writing“Do you write a lot?”, I asked one lady after she had read a stunning piece of writing created in 5 minutes.


“I’ve never written more than post-it notes.  I don’t know how you did it.  You’re a genius!”


“I didn’t do it.  You wrote it!” I exclaimed, struggling to convince her that she was indeed that talented.


A writing teacher for businesses and other teachers

How to Write Workshops now exist for all ages of kids, from 5 to 95.  Combined with my marketing and ad-writing experience as a Wizard of Ads Partner, I’ve added workshops on what makes great ad-writing.  Soon there will be books about writing, a video series and teachers making it simple for people to write powerfully.  But for now there’s this little website, me and my wife, and a chance to help lots of people learn to dance with a pen.  Let’s share the adventure together…


Peter Nevland.

See how beautiful Vicki is! I'm blessed to have her as a partner in my writing and teaching adventures



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