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Kick Writer’s Block In the Face!

Peter Nevland kicks writer's block in the faceWriter’s block lurks under every blank page, its monster teeth eager to sink themselves in your creativity.  You can defeat the monster.  It’s part trick and part confidence that you’ve done it before.  If you don’t have the confidence yet, I’ll give you the trick so you can punch that monster in the teeth every time…


Don’t start with a blank page.  If an idea for any sentence has popped into your head, write it down.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first sentence, middle sentence or, closing sentence, or even a bad sentence.  WRITE IT DOWN.  It’ll stimulate more ideas that you can write down.


If you’ve come to a blank page with no idea for writing already in your head, look at the room around you.  Choose 3 or 4 objects.  The less connected they are, the better.  If another object from outside your room pops in your mind, use it.  WRITE THEM DOWN.


Then start writing using the words you’ve chosen or weaving them into your writing at the point you got stuck.  Keep writing and let your imagination take over.  Don’t stop to edit out mistakes or crappy writing.  Keep going until you’ve gotten to what feels like the end.


Once you’ve finished, you can go back and edit out the random words, add in sentences where needed, refine imagery or correct spelling and grammar.  Editing is much easier than writing from nothing.  Plus, using this trick will add in unexpected twists and turns that make your writing more interested.


Now do it, and let me know what magic you’ve created…


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