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HowtoWriteWorkshops.com Lives!

Problems with domains and servers.  Too many edits to count.  My programming skills are far from legendary, and I don’t possess huge wads of cash to throw at a website assassin.  My willpower struggled to make it.  But here I am.  Yay!


If you haven’t taken time to watch “The First Lesson” shot by Rex and Jake Williams at Sunpop Studios, watch it now.  Here’s my schedule…

Go to http://www.spokengroove.com to see all the details.  In the next few weeks I’ll have a calendar right here.


Coming soon…


  • A “Buy Stuff” page so you can get books, DVDs and CDs to inspire your writing
  • A place to sign up for my email list
  • Writing Tip o’ the day (today’s tip is WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE HOMEPAGE!!!)

Keep writing,

Peter Nevland.

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