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What a Fitness Coach Needed to Write a New York Times Bestseller

  I wasn’t excited when I walked in the room.  Only four people had signed up to take my “No One Told Me How to Write” workshop at Wizard Academy (it’s not a Harry Potter theme park) in Austin, TX.  Half of them were missing.  Dennis and Mark sat expectantly.   “Hey guys!” I said, […]

2013 U.S. Fall Tour Starts Today!

  Are you excited? I’m sooo excited!!! Vicki and I are just about to walk out the door for the 2013 U.S. Fall Tour. We’ll be teaching writing workshops for schools, universities, businesses plus some one-man shows and Tree of Psalms preview performances. We’re even bringing our new tent to camp out whenever we feel […]

Want Your Students to Pay Attention?

Before you read this, watch this video. The first minute and forty seconds gift-wrap one of the best lessons on how to teach. The next two minutes show you the impact on kids. The final eight and a-half minutes may inspire you for life.     What did you learn? By the time I finished, […]

HowtoWriteWorkshops.com Lives!

Problems with domains and servers.  Too many edits to count.  My programming skills are far from legendary, and I don’t possess huge wads of cash to throw at a website assassin.  My willpower struggled to make it.  But here I am.  Yay!   If you haven’t taken time to watch “The First Lesson” shot by […]