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A 5-minute Video Narrative Writing Lesson

It’s only basketball commentary.  But watch this video from Henry Abbott and TruHoopTV.  It’s a 5-minute writing lesson that will make you look like a master.  Notice how the words and video dance over a melancholy music bed:


Henry Abbot explains the despicable nature of hard fouls in his TruHoopTV basketball video

(When you click it will open a separate window. Return once you’ve watched it.)


  1. “Artistry”, “Showtime”, “…Magician with the ball”, “…Cast his Spell”.  These unexpected, vivid words lock your attention on the “Spectacular” in front of you.
  2. The music has enough juice to set the mood but not enough to obscure the meaning of the words.
  3. The video freezes when he has something really important to say.
  4. The slow motion amplifies the poetry of movement.
  5. He lets you feel hope and then steals it unexpectedly with “the dirty foul”.
  6. Every claim he makes coincides with visual, recorded evidence.
  7. You can’t help but agree with him when he delivers his pedantic, “hard work on defense” message at the end.  You’re the devil if you don’t.  But without the music and video genius, no one would have cared.

Think you can apply that to spice up your story or spoken word or to get people to listen to your ads?  🙂


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